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I have compiled the only list you'll ever need to help you shop for your work bestie! You know you have one.  I remember when I was working in an office, the only thing that made me not fall asleep at my desk on the daily was having that work bestie to talk to.  We would schedule bathroom trips, find random hallways to hang out in, and email each other all day long. Think about it, basically you go to work 5 days a week for at least 9 hours a day.  A minimum of 40 hours a week is spent at your office, some people even see their coworkers more than they see their spouse.  Not to be cliche, but as Meredith Gray says, this is "your person". So, don't you want to get your person a kick ass gift? Maybe it's her birthday, or maybe she's leaving you for another boring ass company.  Here are the Top 5 Gifts to get her...

1. We are best friends because everyone else SUCKS - Hand Stamped Keychain

Basically everyone else sucks...need I say more? You guys found each other because there was no one else cool enough to sneak around the office with.  No one else you could talk shit about your other coworkers with...basically she's your ultimate work bestie! This keychain exemplifies your amazing friendship, am I right?

2. Fuck It Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet

Those times you're sitting and reading another stupid email, or you're in another meeting that literally could have been written in another stupid email, or your boss has been repeating the same instructions for the past 52 minutes...don't you just want to say "fuck it"? But you can't, you're at instead you have this nifty little bracelet that says it all without saying it!

3. Where the Fuck Are My Keys Hand Stamped Keychain

If it isn't bad enough to have keys to your cars, your house, your boyfriends apartment, your neighbors house to walk their annoying yippy dog, you also have to carry around your work keys.  Where the fuck are all your keys???  Do you constantly lose your keys?  You don't need one of those silly little beeping key finder app thingies, you just need this kick ass keychain.  You know why? Because it's fucking wouldn't lose something that was fucking cool would you?

4. CUNT See You Next Tuesday Keychain Set 

If you don't know what see you next Tuesday mean, then I am not sure if you're my people...Just kidding...let me enlighten you.  Spell it out for me.  C U Next Tuesday...CUNT...get it? See, I taught you something super funny today!  Is your work bestie on the run? Maybe she's leaving you for what is presumable a better, cooler, higher paying job.  Or at least that's what she thinks...give it 3 months, she'll be emailing you complaining just as she was at this job.  Anyways, she needs a going away gift, something to always remember the memories of this current job.  Finding her new work bestie with you...this keychain set is just perfect.  Everytime she looks at it, she will laugh and wish she was back hiding in the workplace bathroom talking shit about your boss with you!

5. You Curse Too Much Hand Stamped Keychain

Yes, I saved the best for last.  This keychain is my absolute favorite. Why? Because it's fucking amazing.  Who wants to be friends with someone who isn't swearing all the time? Ummm, not I says I.  And hopefully not you, says you.  This keychain is awesome, your work bestie definitely needs it.  In fact, everyone needs it.

So there you have it, the TOP 5 FUNNY COWORKER GIFTS!  Did you actually read to the end? I hope you did, because I wrote this, it got deleted, so I had to write it again!  Thanks for visiting, now go shopping and do some sharing!!


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