WHOLESALE order for Whitney

  • $253.00

keychain pussy sure is a bonus $10
keychains if lost or drunk set $15
keychains if lost or drunk set $15

pet ID not all who wander are lost (front) $10
Copper 317-409-3538 (back)

bracelet Semicolon bracelets 
bracelet semicolon bracelets with purple ribbon 

$53 (+3 for the added ribbon charm)

birthstone bar necklace mommy- February, October, May
pillow dont be a dick
pilllow where the fuck is my wine
pillow Oh for fucks sake
pillow what fuckery is this
pillow TWO RANDOM $45

keychain set of 3 i think we will be friends forever becuase we are too lazy to find new ones $30
sloth stamp $23

weed keychain freebie