Wholesale order for Jan

  • $263.95

Hi Jessica. I would like to place an order. I want 10 of the class of 2020 pennies $60 (I know I originally said 20, but want to change to 10 for now). 4 of the perfectly imperfect bracelets. $40 8 of the light wood earrings in Ohio and 2 SC. $39.95 Birthstone necklace with March, Sept and Oct. $14One quarantine rockstar keychain. $12 One I'll be there for you bracelet. $17 One keychain with just a copper penny with Ridge on it. $6 And one of the rectangle dad est...but instead of dad, can you put Pap EST 1995 with 5 pennies....Jeremy, Erin, Owen, Weston and Wyatt. $23 One keychain...those we love don't go away they walk beside us everyday 5-15-2010 and one charm with Brent on it. $12 3 jeep girl necklaces.$30 One cuff bracelet with Kinzli arrow Landan arrow Beckett. $10 Ok, I think that's it for now. Do you think I could get the dad/pap, quarantine and penny (Ridge) keychains by Father's Day? Thanks so much! I'm super excited to see everything!! janbatson14@yahoo.com. 45601.