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Sorry, not sorry, but these penis wax melts are literally drool worthy.  You have never met a penis like this before ladies and gents, the smell, the size, the texture, it's literally the best peen you'll ever come in contact with.  Ok, listen, I know it's small, but haven't you heard, good things come in small packages...and these, my friends, are not only good, but they are GREAT!!

Let's talk about what we have going on here...

You get 5 lusciously scented penis melts in various colors (we do not discriminate here) packaged in an adorable 4 oz tin.  Each penis can go in any wax melter (I use mine in the scentsy melters), and they last a long ass time....like I'm serious, this penis is lasting longer than any other dick ever has in your life...trust me.   The scent fills the room with either a beachy pina colada vacation, or your late 90s self slathered up in cucumber melon lotion from B & B Works.  Either way, each aroma is sure to please all of your senses.  

Let's get real...who's ready for these smooth dicks in their lives? 

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