The Tree of Lives - Genealogy Book By Joel Levitt - Gold Tree of Life Birthstone Necklace

  • $12.00

"I'm proud to announce the publication of my family history book, "The Tree of Lives".  Among its 200 plus pages are stories, photos, documents and family trees devoted to my grandparents and their descendants. Those adorable kids on the cover are my grandchildren, for whom this book was written.  For how will they know where they are going, if they do not know where they come from?"

You can purchase the book on its own (dedicated and signed if you'd like), or you can pair it with a custom made birthstone family tree necklace.

The necklace tree is gold plated and measures 1" and sits on a stainless steel 19" gold chain.  You can add up to 4 birthstones adhered to the necklace with a permanent glue. Please leave a note when you checkout with the months you’d like for the birthstones  

If you would like the book signed and dedicated, please leave a note when you checkout. 


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