I wish you’d shut the fuck up hidden message Handstamped custom cuff bracelet in silver aluminum

  • $20.00

Ever go to work and just want your boss the STFU? How about your kids constant questions about what’s for dinner? Or your parents asking you where you’re going and who you’re going with 1000 times? This cuff bracelet is perfect for the person who’s trying to learn to keep their mouth shut but still has an opinion. This cuff is for you if you’ve ever just wanted to shout “SHUT THE FUCK UP” but you’re in a situation which you obviously cannot say that. 

Things you should know:

  • hand stamped on a 6” x .25” aluminum cuff 
  • cuffs are one size fits most and are adjustable 
  • cuffs are hypo allergenic and won’t tarnish 
  • please remove your jewelry prior to showering, working out, and sleeping. 
  • this comes hand stamped as shown: I wish on the outside center and “you’d STFU” on the inner side

All items are hand stamped using a hammer one letter at a time and finished with a brushed look.  Stamped pieces are made of aluminum which is hypo allergenic, won't tarnish, and are lightweight.  Bangle bracelets are adjustable both up and down and are made of stainless steel which will not tarnish.  They fit most adults and measure 60 mm in diameter.  Cuff bracelets are made of aluminum and measure 6" x .25" with a 1" gap and adjust to fit most adult wrists.  Necklaces are 18" dainty stainless steel chains with a lobster clasp closure.  All keychains come with a 1" keyring attached.

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